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January 01, 2008

Blogs and Other Online Content

Since I read two books yesterday (Maximum Ride 2&3 by James Patterson, very so-so), I didn't feellike cracking another tome. So instead, I hit some favorite spots to see what was what:

Slate Magazine. What can I say, I love the Slate:

  • Undefeated, Unloved, Undaunted. The Patriots Are Great. Deal With It. So they're cheaters. they're also good. Plus, Borg and Statler and Waldorf references

  • Gilding the Lily: What movies get wrong (and right) about gardening. So, movies aren't accurate as to gardening. I don't actually even know why I read this one.

  • Don't Fear Starbucks. Why the franchise actually helps mom and pop coffeehouses. Mmm. Coffee.

  • The Top 10 Movies of 2007. A man-eating river beast, a rat who cooks, and the Cannes-winning film you just might get to see after all. Of course, that just made me want to see what Roger Ebert said.
  • Blogs Yeah, there are a few I'm always checking:

  • Amalah. Home of the Advice Smackdown.

  • Random Thoughts. The harder-to-find blog of one of my favorite authors ever (I'm totally desperate for the next Rebecca Cooper book to come out). And it looks like she's going to try and get a YA SF/Fantasy Conference going!
  • I know, hardly deep, not so meaningful, but that's what's what ...

    Self Magazine - Jan 2008

    by Conde' Nast Publications
    Ick ... Hard to believe entry one is this magazine. I read it this morning because it was lying around (I picked up an insanely long subscription somewhere along the line) and was reminded of why I don't particularly love the magazine ... too ... short. oh well.

    Resolution, Schmesolution

    So, uh, happy New Year, and all that.

    I haven't exactly been verbose since returning from sabbatical (yes, yes, I know ... it was 18 months ago ... but I started a new job, and it got busy, and then it had been so long htat I didn't know what to say), but I thought that instead of making a resolution for the new year, and give the blogging thing a try again.

    So,what to blog about? The oodles of mashed sweet potatoes I just cooked up and put in the fridge for future eating pleasure (mmm. sweet potatoes.)? My unfortunate realization that I (*gasp*) have too many shoes? That I just discovered that some kind soul uploaded the entire Christmas Episode of Doctor Who (Voyage of the Damned) to YouTube and I got my fix while waiting for the Torchwood premiere (Jan 28, baby).

    All interesting, but, well, meh.

    But one of the things I've always wondered is how much I actually read in a day/week/month/year. I have a bit of a reputation, and pretty much am always reading, so, I thought, why not track it? It gets me back in the habit of writing pretty frequently (that is, writing non-work-email). So, that's the idea ... maybe I'll learn something about how I spend my free time ... or not :)