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Four Things

Since Carol asked...

Four jobs I've had

* Volleyball coach. Surprise, surprise.
* In-N-Out Associate. "Hi, welcome to In-N-Out. How are you today? And would you like fries with that?" I still have the shirt. And the hat and nametag.
* Nanny. Kids are great, but I still like the part where I go home and leave them with their parents.
* Wells Fargo Agent. It's just a glorified teller position. And they wanted me to push ATM cards.

Four movies I can watch over and over

* Pirates of the Caribbean. Drink up me heartys, yo ho!
* Pride and Prejudice. Either the Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle or the Matthew MacFadyen/Keira Knightley version, depending on time constraints. Also in the Austen vein, Emma with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeremy Northam.
* The Court Jester. They broke the chalice from the palice!
* The Awful Truth. Cary Grant & Irene Dunne. Though there are several Cary Grant screwball comedies in the runnning for this spot...

Four places I've lived

* Portland, Oregon. Where I grew up.
* Spokane, Washington. Also affectionately termed "Spo-Vegas." 2 dorm rooms, 2 house rentals.
* Walnut Creek, California. Not the happening scene one might think.
* Sunnyvale, California. In a lovely 3 bedroom that *finally* has a new roof.

Four TV shows I love

* House. Mmmm. House. I could honestly stop here.
* Gilmore Girls. The platonic form of witty repartee.
* NCIS. Don't knock it till you've tried it. Abby rocks. So does Gibbs.
* Police Procedural of the Month. This slot is usually filled by Law & Order, any flavor, though I've recently become obsessed with CSI, original flavor only.

Four places I've vacationed

* The British Isles (Scotland, Ireland, London, and parts of Wales)
* New Zealand
* Europe (France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands)
* China (East Coast. And Hong Kong.)

Four of my favorite dishes

* Lemon Chicken at Sue Hong in Menlo Park. Best. Lemon. Chicken. Ever.
* Bot Boi. It's a hamburger noodle dish my mom makes. Yum.
* Tofu special at Lucy's Tea House. The restaurant's gone now, but it was the perfect meal.
* The Godiva Chocolate Cheescake from the Cheescake Factory. For breakfast. With coffee.

Four sites I visit daily

* Miss Snark, the Literary Agent
* Slate. Yes, it has gone downhill somewhat. But I'll take Dahlia Lithwick, Human Nature, and the Ad Report Card any day.
* Daily Candy
* Amazon. I have a book problem. And it's just SO EASY.

Four places I would rather be right now

* Dude! I'm in Edinburgh! On sabbatical! There's nowhere else I'd rather be.

But for other times when I'm not in such a happy spot:

* At our monthly "Girl's Night Out" dinners
* Chilling at home reading
* Travelling pretty much anywhere

One blogger I am tagging

* Quiddle
* I don't have anyone else to put here (is that incredibly lame?) since Carol's already called vibespright out.
* June 27 Update: Kim, you're up!


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dude, i don't want you to think i'm dissing you by not picking up the meme, but i did this already...

Ooh, you were a nanny? That means you knew what you were possibly getting yourself into when you offered to babysit! :-P

Hmmm... Godiva cheesecake for breakfast. My kind of lady! Actually any cheesecake for breakfast :)

Could tag me ;)

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